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  • The viability of
    advertising to
    entice customers

    Each cent invested in an advertising campaign can bring 10 cents of profit but can also yield a 5 cents loss. The right choice will help get the most.

Test the promotional materials before starting an advertising campaign

Helping you choose the right concept

Test the perception of promotional materials

Evaluate and select promotional materials that will appeal to your audience. Make recommendations for improvements.

Compare creative concepts, logos and slogans.

Compare creative concepts, logos and slogans.

Find the best name for your products

Product Name significantly affects its success. We estimate the consumer recognition of possible names.

Download research brief

Action plan

You provide samples of promotional materials

We test various methods appropriate to these types of promotional materials

Provide a detailed study report

Results of the study what you get:

Description of Consumer reactions to certain elements of promotional materials, brand names and concepts

Recommendations on the choice of materials or any required revisions



Quantitative methods

Qualitative methods

Monadic Concept

Paired-Comparison Test

Research types

Focus groups


In-depth interviews

Home visits

Personal interviews

Online Survey

Quantitative Methods

Telephone interviews

Retail Audit

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